All images copyrighted ©  2009, Joseph Diedrick. All rights reserved

We often have an idea of ourselves that is grounded more in our egos than in our realities.

This is manifested in the faces we turn towards the world; while we struggle with our truer selves behind the masks we have created. 

My work primarily deals with the battle of our fears and our restraints; the visualization of our struggles that ultimately define who we really are.

The interplay in stone between the surfaces and it’s substructures highlights this struggle and reveals the true self between the masks of our outward appearances.

Just as we accept to be woven into the lives of the people we encounter daily, it is essential to confront our own emotions. We cannot avoid our fears, nor our dreams but instead weave them together so as not divide our true self.

Within the complexity or our relationship to our thoughts and our emotions we can realise that we are never truly isolated.